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These past twelve months, Eileen and Nancy have had

👭100s of discussions

🫖 100s of cups of tea

🌳 100s of thoughtful walks

🤔1000s of general musings

not necessarily in that order.

Our conclusion is that it is time for Cucumber Clothing, in its current iteration, to draw to a close.

We have had so many highs:

Dragons'Den TV appearance, Jo Good BBC 2 Radio Show, Lorraine Kelly mention on Good Morning Britain, appearing in countless newspaper, magazine and online articles, podcasts and speaking events and panels.🥰

And a few big lows, Covid, Brexit and a nameless high street retailer who had us make an exclusive collection for them, pulling out the day we were meant to sign.🥲

The biggest high has been you 🩷 dear Cucumber community member. You have been there to help celebrate our wins and shore us up when we were down.  You have written us emails and notes, sent us ideas and FLOWERS! You have bought every single piece of all our collections (you know who you are) and come back for more. You have been our failsafe cheerleaders when we needed you most and we can never forget that. Thank you.

We know there is a place for a brand like Cucumber. We know that all the energy and passion we poured into Cucumber resonated with so many women. We started with the idea of clothing that empowers women, makes them look and most importantly, feel great, and tries its very hardest to be ethical and sustainable. Sadly, we just have not been able to make it work, but we are hopeful that it will reappear in future, maybe in a slightly different guise, to help support all women who can do with  something beautiful, soft and cooling to make their lives just that bit easier.

So it's au revoir, but not adieu, to each and every one of our beautiful, wonderful, amazing Cucumber community and everyone we have met along the way.

With love,

Eileen & Nancy