Cucumber & Sustainability

We created Cucumber Clothing to make you look fabulous and stay cool. From the start, our goal has been to merge ethics and aesthetics. In fashion that is always a challenge since we know going naked is the most environmentally friendly option! 


Here’s how we try and do it.

  • We produce small runs as and when we are ready. That means ordering the exact amount of fabric we need (no wastage).
  • Aside from our special fabrics, we source and manufacture entirely within the UK. That means less travel and transport, easily verifiable standards for factories and workers (we visit multiple times a month) as well as supporting our local and national economy.
  • We use minimal packaging. All our orders are sent out with minimal packaging, it still looks pretty, it’s all recyclable, there is just less of it. 
  • We have taken plastic out of our chain.  We have moved to 100% biodegradable and compostable bags to protect our collection when it is being transported from the factory to our warehouse. Adieu plastic bags!
  • We use fabrics that last six times longer than cotton, are colour fast and require minimal care. That means each piece can be truly loved and worn over many years – slow, not fast fashion. Our clothes need less washing (anti-sweat, anti-odour) and if you do wash them it’s cold with no tumble-drying and a very light, if any, iron or steam. That means less energy consumption.

Cucumber is building a sustainable community. Join us!