Cutting-edge technical fabrics intersect with beautiful, seasonless design and a baby soft hand-feel to provide the core of Cucumber's collections.


Cucumber's clever fabric technology makes you feel like it's yoga everyday. Super soft fabrics that move with your body and keep you feeling fresh, whatever the weather.


Slow fashion all the way. Cucumber fabrics last up to six times longer than cotton.


Less water and energy consumption.


No tumble dry - fewer microfibres released, less energy used. (Microfibres of any sort cotton/linen/human-made microfibres all act in the same way once in the environment)


Saving you time and energy bills.


Sustainable washing means washing only when needed - our built-in anti-microbial keeps you fresh. The truth? We hardly ever wash our Cucumber pieces, spot-washing when necessary.

Anti Crease
Quick Dry
Machine Washable
Hang Dry


This is where we started and we've never looked back. Our signature jersey: soft, lightweight, with a shake out and wear simplicity. Super powers? The fibres are chopped into tiny fragments that are then spun to replicate the downy feel of cotton. The filaments are then specially woven to provide intense wicking capability to keep you cool and dry. Finally the fabric holds a patented 'stay-fresh' component that kills off any odour-producing bacteria. Best-selling? You bet.


We wanted a fabric that had all the beauty and luxuriousness of a thick silk, without any of the special care normally required. Silky smooth against the skin, and of course all the cooling, stay-fresh and easy care qualities of our jersey. This fabric is popular throughout the year for everything from sleepwear to practical poolside glamour.


We wanted something that felt cosier for the cooler months, but still worked as hard to keep you fresh. Cucumber’s cashmere fabric (with 9% cashmere) feels truly beautiful on – this is where we let the fabric do the talking. Our glam cashmere works in the same way as our signature jersey, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable at all times. It’s the essence of our practical luxury ethos.
(all our fabrics work in the cooler months, this is about snuggling up without getting hot)


37.5® technology pushed all our buttons: incredibly soft with a beautiful drape, simple to care for and made with naturally produced, embedded volcanic minerals.

Our 37.5® fabric is made from Tencel, a natural material derived from sustainable beechwood forests in Austria, that we mix with polyester, to give it its durability, soft hand feel and longevity. We then add in the volcanic mineral, a 100% natural process that requires no chemicals, to make sure that the fabric does as we want.

This is true thermoregulating technology, scientifically proven, that helps to cool you down when you are hot and warm you up when you are cold, by regulating the humidity in the micro climate next to your skin.

On top of this, because there is less moisture in this ultra modern fabric there is less development of bacteria-causing odours. Particles in the fabric will trap any odours that are then released during washing.

Feels amazing, feel amazing. Cucumber fabrics for everyday life.