Rampaging hormones can whip up a whirlwind of menopausal symptoms, with hot flashes, hot flushes and night sweats nearing the top of the list.  Well, Cucumber Clothing has your back.  We've made sure that our intelligent fabrics wick sweat up and away from the body super fast, destroy any odours and that our styles look and feel fabulous on.  

If you have difficulty sleeping at night,  we suggest our best-selling pretty v-neck top and harem or crop trousers.







and our beautifully cut v-neck dress (sizes 8-20).  




 or if you like a longer sleeve, try our pretty Rose and Moss three-quarter sleeve V neck dress










or if you like your shoulders bare, maybe our pretty camisole dress




All have the added benefit of being completely wicking - no elastic, lace or any other trim to catch a pool of sweat. Not only do they feel great in bed, but they look great during the day too!  Wear the t shirt with your favourite jeans, or belt the v-neck dress and throw over a cardi. And when the weather is hot, pull on our beautiful jersey shorts. Cut flatteringly longer at the back than the front, they feel fabulous on. 





Or if you need stylish comfortable clothing to wear at home and out and about, look no further than our new Cashmere Collection, cashmere mix  kimono dress. All thermo-regulating, all moisture-wicking! Wear dressed up with boots or heels, or with cosy bed socks to pad around the house. 24/7 style!





Cucumber Clothing lets you be stylish at any age and any stage!


Uncrushable, cold wash, no iron.  We've got your back. #coolasacucumber