Yoga, Pilates & Apres Gym

Sometimes you’re just loving that sweat on your brow. Mastering that downward dog, perfecting a plié on the reformer, or simply cooling off after a big session in the gym ramps up that feeling of euphoria.

 Using the right kit can make all the difference.

 We know, you want something that follows your figure, but doesn’t constrict it, wicks every drop of sweat away, fast kills any odours immediately and makes you look as fabulous as you feel.

 Try our beautifully cut track pants in our signature jersey - in Rose and Moss. Lovely, soft, wide elastic sewn-in waistband with a drawstring waist for the perfect fit.

Or maybe our harem pants in navy and silver. The drawstring waist means a perfect fit every time. Loose cut around the hips and through the leg gives you room to move. Headstands are a piece of vegan cake with ankle cuffs that keep your harem pants in place, even when upside down.

 Match it up with our pretty cami top or gorgeous ballet tops -  great for during or après-gym sessions.

If you’re hotting it up with Bikram or inferno pilates, try our drawstring shorts. The wide sewn-in waistband feels snug, not tight. Cut slightly longer at the back than the front means a flattering 360° view

A quick shower, then racing home? Cool down while looking cool in our throw over, an oversized sweatshirt in navy or silver.

Working out never looked so good!

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