eileen and nancy on the radio

It's cha cha wild thing!

And she's in her fridge.

What's not to love about this extraordinary and amazing weather - but some days we're willing to go to any length to get a bit of cool back into our lives. Cha Cha shows us how it's done in her usual deliciously understated style.
Check out each and every one of her instructive life videos here and you can follow her on instagram
@chachawildthing and on her youtube channel.
Cucumber's Cha Cha favourite? (other than our own of course) try watching Royal Ballet star Fernando Montez share his caterpillar craze technique....

Watch Cha Cha getting cool in Cucumber here

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What's up with Cucumber?

It's no exageration to say that Cucumber has had a super busy month. We've been up to our knees in fabrics and samples, dashing from our sample room to the factory and back, spending hours at our desks (in the garden - thank you sunshine!) writing emails, answering customer queries, and of course, at our warehouse, packing all your orders and doing the highly glamorous business of stock take (contrary to what you may think, it's entirely possible to stock take wearing heels.)

But it hasn't all just been nose to the grindstone. We had a teeny tiny bit nerve-wracking first ever radio interview with the completely delightful Jo Good. It really was very cool to be in a proper studio and for any of you out there who listened, we hope you liked what you heard.

You can listen up by clicking here and scrolling down to 'loved by' and click on the BBC London logo. Jo's show is a lovely chatty three hours, and fyi Cucumber comes on at 2.07 just in case you are pressed for time!

You might also have seen the lovely Anna Murphy writing about us in on how to beat the heat with pyjamas:

daily mail

and wonderful Mandy Francis on hot buys for cool nights in the

victoria health

and the gorgeous Jackie Annesley on her life in sleepwear in and let's add to that a big thumbs up from @rebecca_cawood_wellness who wore her Cucumber harems all through her last Bend and Brunch event. You can read more about what she loves about us here

We've also been guest blogging for the perfect company for all your travels, summer and otherwise. They are A Little Find and they handpick the best travel-size beauty products & family holiday toiletries from fabulous brands to lighten your load wherever your destination. You can read our guest blog here.

All we can say, is it's nice to feel loved!

meg matthews
And just like that our collaboration with Meg Matthew's is no longer. Meg apparently has other fish to fry, but no worries, our gorgeous moisture wicking cashmere collection will still be launching come September, followed closely by more of your favourite jersey in beautiful new colours and styles. You'll be the first to know when it's out!

Cucumber Around the World

cucumber around the world

We like to think that Cucumber is just about everywhere! We've had enquiries, orders and pics from every corner of the globe.
Here's an incognito Cucumber fan soaking up some rays in San Sebastian. Cucumber rocks!

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read this right now it's hard not feel that everything is changing so rapidly that no one seems to know where we're headed or indeed if anyone is at the helm. Timely then to read Fred Ulhman's masterpiece, Reunion. With themes of friendship, love, hate, political turmoil, and exile, this short book originally published in 1971 is a quiet gem to reflect on.

do this this month and for the next few months Cucumber counsels you to beg, borrow or steal (ok, maybe not the latter, but you get what we mean) tickets to see The Lehman Trilogy at The National. Extraordinary acting, ridiculously simple yet seriously effective staging and a truly riveting tale of rags to riches, immigration, excessive wealth and humanity. Go!

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