We're Back!

We're so excited to say that WE'RE SHIPPING AGAIN!

We have developed a safe strategy to begin delivering orders again.

Orders may take a little bit longer to get to you, but you'll love your pieces just as much.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do next day delivery at this point.

All deliveries will be packed by either  Nancy or Eileen, in a locked warehouse which no one else has access to.

All orders will be packed with  while wearing disposable gloves.

With safety first in mind, we will be sending items out wrapped either in their vegetable starch or plastic wrappers. Any plastic wrappers are from earlier collections before we moved to our wonderful 100% biodegradable and compostable bags. 

We normally reuse and reuse and reuse the plastic ones internally within Cucumber but for now in the interests of safety we will be sending garments out in them. 

We are so thrilled to be able to send orders out again to you our wonderful customers.

Thank you for being so loyal and we send you our love, please take care and stay safe. Always feel free to contact us - we are a Cucumber Community - if you have any questions or concerns or even if it is just for a chat.

xEileen & xNancy


blue-light-scheme-cardWe're Proud to be Part of the Blue Light Scheme

Cucumber Clothing is proud to say that we have joined the Blue Light Scheme and are offering a 50% discount on all our collections to anyone holding a Blue Light Card during this period of great difficulty.

For those who have not heard of it, The Blue Light Scheme offers discounts to those who work for many of our essential services including Ambulance Service, Community First Responders,  Fire Service, Highways, NHS,  Police,  Red Cross, RNLI, Social Care Workers  St Andrew's Ambulance,  St John's Ambulance. A full list and more information about the Blue Light Scheme can be found here.

This is our way of saying a big thank you to all of those who through their everyday bravery are making such an enormous difference to the rest of us.



watch this

 In a time of heightened stress, Cucumber is finding the  hilarious, ridiculous memes making the rounds at the moment a wonderful tonic. This clip combines two of our loves, dogs and yoga - downward dog will never be the same again.

do this

Cucumber has discovered the fabulousness of walking through world-class collections online.  In no particular order we love visiting in a whirlwind global tour,  John Paul Getty Museum , Yayoi Kusuma's immersive piece at The Broad, LA,  MASP, Sao Paulo,  and the extraordinary Google Art Project which gives virtual tours of 1200 museums around the world. Enjoy!



Stay Safe! Take Care!


xxEileen and xxNancy

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