We don't normally post two newsletters in a month, but there's so much going on and we didn't want you to miss any of the action!

We've been hunkering down with instagrammers and bloggers, chatting with journalists, having secret meetings with a yet unnamed celeb, choosing some gorgeous cashmere and woollens for winter (and yes, they are wicking too!) preparing for some great brand collaborations, phew!

Last but not least, now that the sun's breaking out, it's time to refresh your summer wardrobe. To help get you started, here's special 10% off discount code for anything in our fabulous Ruffle Collection RUFFLE10 (valid until April 26th). Start shopping now!

eileen nancy and guest

Instagram round-up

Look out for Cucumber Clothing on Instagram. We're getting quite a following amongst busy mums who need stylish multi-tasking pieces for their multi-tasking lives.

Take a look at Maya's super honest and stylish take on being a young mum here on her blog, Just Another Mum. We had a great meet up with her (all 37 weeks pregnant and glowing) and we'll be featuring on her blog soon in a piece all about packing for that all important trip to the hospital! Check out her gorgeous instagram feed too!

hormone health doctor

(not least because they love Cucumber.)

Keep your eye on Jo, the woman behind the Mother of Teens blog. We were thrilled to be asked to be part of her Fabulous Females Series, (appearing today). It was great fun - we never realised just how difficult it is to answer questions like, ' what would your autobiography be called?' Try it out yourself - it's hard!

Here's a link to Menopause Goddess Blog, written by the cool and earthy Lynette Sheppard. Lynette lives in Hawaii (perfect stomping ground for Cucumber) and has a large following for her thoughts and musings about the 'Change'. With her medical background and easy to read outlook on life - this is one blog that means you'll never feel alone.

Here's one if you're looking for a new girl crush. We met up with Anna Streule from Mums in Heels to talk about everything from feminism in Switzerland to the allure of hair dye - yup, it was one of those, 'how long have been chatting for?' conversations. We love this gorgeous site and are looking forward to being featured here in the next month.

Cucumber is now a fully joined up member of The Really Helpful Club - which does exactly what it says on the tin! Their motto is 'Share, Discover, Connect' and on their site you'll find a myriad recommendations, forums, events and a super useful directory full of tried and tested resources. Definitely worth a visit.

Finally, for any one out there with brand new babies or if you have a daughter/daughter-in-law/niece etc. point your/their compass straight towards Sam Sims' brilliant site Up All Hours which gives advice, comfort and companionship. Combine that with a super clever self-scrolling feature (on mobile) - all the better while juggling baby and phone, and a screen that turns from light to dark depending on the hour of the day. Cucumber will be featured here soon!

cucumber on the beach

Cucumber around the World

We like to think that Cucumber is just about everywhere! We've had enquiries and orders and pics from every corner of the globe. We know we've had this shot on instagram, but we love it so much we had to show it again. Here's a Cucumber fan on the beach in Koh Samui, looking the very definition of relaxed. We want!
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do this - sign up to Art Angel's latest productions. Going for more than thirty years, they always manage to surprise, illuminate, confuse, and challenge producing art in unexpected places. Cucumber's off to see The Occupation of Loss in London next week, but Art Angel create all around the UK and the world.

read this - The History of Bees a haunting near-dystopian novel about the precariousness of life on earth based around the humble bee. Not quite history, not quite science-fiction, this book dances a delicate line between both - a book in three parts, all of which will keep you turning the page.

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