After months of trialling yarns, pondering different dye lots, and a shedload of design meetings, Cucumber's brand new collection has arrived! You can see some of the results below, and click here to view the whole collection.
cucumbers new multi-tiered dress

Our collection started with the idea of a simple summer dress. One that could be slipped on (and off) at a moment's notice.  Perfect to throw on after a day at the beach, or after a rushed morning scramble before heading out for the day.  We wanted it to be a bit floaty, but with enough cover so it could be for town, not just country and holidays.  Pockets? There are two brilliantly roomy ones and for those who have a wasp waist it  looks just as pretty belted. Comes in coral and stone too....

cucumber cooling top and trousers
Is it a skirt? Trousers?  Nope - they are our delicious culottes. We teamed them up with our  ruffle top in slate (see how we've done the tone on tone thing?) and we think they are just the best thing for everyday. And yes, pockets.
long tee
Is this our hero piece? You tell us. Do the whole Liz Hurley thing and wear our drape knot tee with white jeans in the sunshine (like Dayse, above) or flick over your sports bra and leggings after pumping those weights or go matchy matchy with our stone coloured culottes, metallic shoes and you're ready for a night out. Sorted.
long tee
What's  37.5® Technology?
Tell us about your newest fabric, you ask? Well, our new 37.5® Technology jersey is engineered to help maintain the optimal core body temperature of 37.5°C by moving moisture out of clothing at the vapour stage, before liquid sweat begins to form. What’s more, 37.5® Technology is permanently embedded in the yarn so it will never wash out, making these garments timeless pieces to keep for years and years. Cucumber has incorporated this technology into a super-soft, silky jersey to create the perfect favourite go-to wardrobe pieces for day or night.
woman sitting comfortably in cucumber dress

The fabric itself is made from either PET or nylon (soon to be all recycled) with permanently embedded volcanic minerals. This is a by-product of volcanic activity and requires no water or man-made energy for synthesis. It is combined with 50% modal which is certified to be 100% compostable and biodegradable. 

Phew, well that's the low-down. Tbh, we're just loving wearing it!

nancy and eileen from cucumber talking at tablecrowd



A warm London night, a group of incredible women sporting more side hustles and passion projects than you can shake a stick at, and Cucumber was there to give a talk.  We spoke about being a fashion brand with a difference and how our solution and fabric facing USP gets us noticed both by consumers and press in a super competitive sector. 

books at the event

Over a few glasses of iced rose´ and tucking into some delicious food, we discussed the state of retail, London Dog Week (yes, it's a thing), soya vs wax candles, venture capitalism and how to stand out from the crowd as a company.  We came away seriously impressed with the Tablecrowd crowd and can highly recommend (though it is true, we may be a bit partisan).  They hold weekly dinners around London on a whole host of topics with great speakers (!) Find out more here.

the grove hotel and spa pop up

The Grove Hotel and Spa Pop-up

A spa away day? That's us. At least, that's what Cucumber was up to last Friday when we drove to the very splendid Grove Hotel and set up a Cucumber pop-up shop in their gorgeous spa building, The Sequoia.  Marginally distracted by the prospect of delicious smelling facial oils and possible massages, there was little chance of indulging in either with a steady stream of customers queueing up to inspect and buy our collections. We loved our day there and hope to return soon. For those of you looking for a day away from London, we think it's pretty perfect  The Grove.
nancy and eileen with lisa armstrong

Lisa Armtstrong, Fashion Director, The Daily Telegraph and...Cucumber

Cucumber's not shy to say we are more than a little in love with Ms. Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director at The Daily Telegraph, style muse and all round brilliant fashion egg.  Lisa was the first to write about us a few days after we launched in September of 2017, and she came to meet us at the Allbright to have a look at our new collection and we were delighted that she loved the new fabric and shapes.  We ❤️you Lisa!

Cucumber in the News!

women ready blog featuring cucumber clothing
You can ready Eileen's blog on perfect packing on the Woman Ready blog site - essential tips for your summer getaway!
mowered woman sleep tips featuring cucumber clothing
For those of you who count off the minutes in the 'wee sma' hours of the night', here are some tips and tricks from the beautiful blog site  Definitely worth a read through and, oh wait, Cucumber's nightwear has made the cut!

do this

We all want to try and be as ethically and environmentally responsible as we can these days, but it can be so confusing. Well, not surprisingly, for discerning consumers, there's an app for that.  Try  which helps you to discover ethical brands but also see how the existing brands you use, measure up. (Full disclosure - Cucumber should be on the app soon!)

read this

Looks like summer is finally arriving and our vote for your first warm weather read in a good old-fashioned murder mystery: From Doon with Death, by Ruth Rendell.  Rendell's first outing as a mystery writer and Detective Chief Inspector Wexford's first outing on her pages is brilliantly plotted. Her debut mystery draws you in while providing a crystal clear view into a world past, where women were always housewives, shopping, housekeeping, having their hair done, and only men were doctors, lawyers and detectives.
eileen and nancy
We're in love with our new collection, we hope you will be too. Here's wishing you a warm sunshine and cold rosé start to the summer!
xeileen xnancy

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