We have wanted to interview the charming and charismatic Sian for quite some time. A multi-award winner, (including Female Marketer of the Year, CEW Achiever Award, Entrepreneur of the Year and British Inventor of the Year), Sian has managed to do the impossible, make a visible dent in the rising tidal wave of plastic pollution.

In 2017 Sian co-founded A Plastic Planet; a social Impact non-profit organisation with a single goal - to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap. Their first campaign rapidly became the No 1 initiative in the UK offering a genuine solution to the plastic pollution crisis.

No surprises here (especially for Nancy who has sparred with Sian on the basketball court more than a few times - see above photo), if anyone has the capacity to begin turning the plastic tide it will be the energised and energising Sian. Listen in for top tips on making your own life safer and healthier too!

p.s. and for those of you wondering where we filmed this, it was in the (shh) private cinema viewing room at new and really rather glorious White City - we've asked for a brochure....


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