If you had to imagine a female counterpart to Bear Grylls, it may not be the delicate and elegant looking Sarah Begum. But appearances deceive and Sarah has seen and done more than many do in a lifetime. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Sarah has variously produced an award-winning short film, exhibited her photos at Somerset House, is the winner of the 'Spirit of Adventure' award by the Captain Scott Society, premiered a film on the Amazon at the Cannes Film Festival (which has been endorsed by Bear amongst others) while exploring both the urban and green jungles of far off places including Caracas, Ecuadorian Amazon, the Atlas Mountains, the red-light district of Amsterdam, the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria...far too many to list here. Sarah aims to explore 'the worldstudying tribes and different ways of life whilst investigating current affairs and making a humanitarian effort to help people along the way through her work'.  Cucumber thinks she's doing a fine job. Eat your heart out Bear!

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and for all you adventuresses out there, you can upload your stories and adventures here Sarah Begum Adventuress Club, and here is the Facebook page too!

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