Cucumber's Special Valentine's Guest Blogger Louise Constad. Make Up Artist
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Cucumber is absolutely thrilled to have Louise Constad blog for our Valentine's special. We love hanging out with her and watching her artistry in person, silently hoping to have some of her magic rub off on us!

We particularly love this photo of her chilling in her new season Cucumber sweatshirt, with the very gorgeous Minnie.

Louise on Louise

In the 1980’s I was very lucky getting breaks with photographers such as Norman Parkinson, Anthony Snowden, Terrance Donavan, Bailey and Tony Mcgee and working on beautiful faces such as Faye Dunaway, Julie Andrews, Tina Turner, Kristin Scott Thomas and Helena Bonham Carter, to name just a few.

louise doing makeup on cucumber clothing models

It has not always been plain sailing since the hours can be as extreme as the ego’s you need to deal with!

Everyone whose make-up you are doing is about to do something very scary (e.g. go on stage, be in front of the camera or even their most important day of their lives - being the bride). It's no wonder they are stressed. Tiaras and tantrums as Elton John put it. Depending on how I handle their tantrums determines if I get booked again.

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I am now in a very lucky position where I choose what work I do. I prefer to stick to my regulars celebrities, directors and beauty commercials.

I have been working as a fashion make-up artist for the last 37 years and over the years I have worked with many fabulous people as well as some very scary ones.

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Louise on Cucumber

When Nancy Zeffman, a fellow team member of the ‘Badabings' an all ladies Basketball team for the over 30’s with whom I play with each week, asked me to help out with her new venture it sounded fun. 'A revolutionary fabric that moves moisture up and away leaving you dry.’ Being in my 50’s and suffering from menopausal night sweats I jumped at the chance to help with the project.

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A typical day working for Cucumber Clothing starts around 9.30am (a lie in after working in film and commercials where the normal start is at 6am). The first hour while the photographer sets up is getting hair and make-up ready. Once this ground work is done and the client is happy, it is a matter of tweaking the make-up and hair to work with each clothes change. That is the fun bit, 'the fiddling’!

Eileen and Nancy will have at least 15 shots to do, that is a lot in one day for a fashion shoot, so it is a miracle to finish on time 6pm, which we regularly do! This is why I go back for more!


louise constad makeup

If you are going straight out from work to meet your valentine, refresh your face by adding a fresh layer your moisturiser to your skin. Use your palms to tap the moisturiser on top of your foundation, this will renew your face and give a youthful look to your skin.
valentines day makeup


Keep your lipgloss till the last minute to stop your lipstick bleeding, especially if you are going to sport a Valentine's Red lip.
I use a concealer around my lips, this stops your lipstick from bleeding.
Alternatively use a stay-put liquid lipstick, these stay on for hours no matter how much kissing you have in mind!
My favourite new red lipstick for valentines day: Gold blooded by Kat Von Beauty (a new vegan brand with high pigment).

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Add a little glitter or highlight to the inner edge of your eyes. This is a quick way to bring the attention to your eyes and a quick move of turning a day look to evening.
For a bit of fun, try the new YSL coloured mascaras for your eyes Mascara Vinyl Couture - the latest spring fashion.


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