Sustainability is difficult. The minute we get dressed we are doing something less than perfectly ecologically sound, but we know there is so much we can do to improve fashion practices and Cucumber wants to be at the forefront.

Fashion Revolution Campaign, Who Made Your Clothes at Cucumber Clothing

This month we have joined #fashionrevolution and have been showcasing on our social media channels some of the people #whomadeyourclothes.

If you've managed to see a few, we hope it's been interesting and inspiring to see some of the many people who work hard to create each piece of Cucumber Clothing.@fash_rev is now a global movement full of people like you who want transparency across fair and decent work, environmental protection and gender equality. We all want fashion to become a force for good. We believe in an industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Next time you buy a piece of clothing, do remember to ask #whomademyclothes? 

Here are a few of the people who make your lovely Cucumber Clothes...

Gigi Made Your Clothes, Fashion Revolution Campaign at Cucumber Clothing

Gigi - our brilliantly efficient factory manager

Donna Made Your Clothes, Fashion Revolution Campaign at Cucumber Clothing

Donna - our go-to woman for the perfect finish


Valentin - our go-to man for pressing and cutting

May Made Your Clothes, Fashion Revolution Campaign at Cucumber Clothing, cooling, wicking fabrics

May - straight seams and big smile.

Cucumber in the News

We've been featured on the radio, in many a glossy mag, in vlogs, blogs, podcasts and now - ta daah - Cucumber's been on the telly! We got the call for Lorraine TV and our super cute silver sweatshirt and crop pj bottoms made the cut on a segment with Dr. Hilary all about sleep. Catch up with us here.

lorraine kelly features Cucumber Clothing wicking, cooling, anti-crease sleepwear and leisurewear

One of the best parts of the job is meeting so many new and interesting people. When the visionary founder of Goldie Magazine got in contact, we were thrilled.

We'd been following the progress of this new and beautiful print magazine for a while and now they wanted to interview us. Started by Rebecca Weef Smith (Editor) and Weef Smith (Art Director), who wanted to create a magazine that 'jumped off the newsstand', Goldie is full our gorgeous images, intelligent writing on everything 'from fashion, art and culture, to hard-hitting editorial about the challenges that we all face.'

Available at Selfridges, high-quality magazine shops and online, try an issue, we don't think you will be disappointed. (ps We're in the latest issue!)

Goldie Magazine features Cucumber Clothing founders Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett and their wicking, cooling, fashtech brand Cucumber Clothing

It's a little bit nerve-wracking, but lately Cucumber has been asked to give a talk or two. The latest will be for a Tablecrowd event on June 17th in London. We'd love to see you there - please sign up! In the meanwhile, Tablecrowd has been giving us a Q & A grilling. You can read the result here.

Cucumber Clothing 100% vegetable starch biodegradable, compostable bags for their wicking, cooling, anti-crease everyday luxury sleepwear and clothing brand

Plastic Potato Starch Bags

When is a plastic bag not a plastic bag? When it's made of potato starch! We have long wanted to replace the one piece of plastic we use in our chain (a clear bag that protects our garments in their journey from factory to warehouse). After a lot of research (who knew that biodegradable could mean so many things - including biodegradable into teeny, tiny plastic pellets?) we have chosen our new bags (see photo above - difficult to tell from a 'normal' bag). They are both biodegradable and compostable and made from annually renewable corn / potato starch or cellulose. There will be more Cucumber sustainability updates to this space.


Nancy Zeffman Co-founder Cucumber Clothing at the Parthenon

Cucumber Around the World

We like to think that Cucumber is just about everywhere! We've had enquiries, orders and pics from every corner of the globe.

Ah, the Parthenon in spring. Except Cucumber, in one of those crazy sliding door moments, is actually in Nashville.

If you'd like to be included in our monthly newsletter roundup, drop us a line with your photo and details and you could be in our next newsletter.
read this Invisible Women: Exposing the Gender Bias in a World Designed by Men, by Caroline Criado Perez. Who knew that the 'one size fits every (man)' methodology which bases so many fundamental research studies that affect both men and women (think heart attack diagnosis, office temperatures, the size of smartphones, and snowploughing - yep, snowploughing) could have such a negative impact on the female half of the world. Based on mindbendingly solid data, this is an orignal, utterly brilliant and eye-opening read.

Watch this:

Dirty John. Yes, we know you are Fleabagged out and now deep into the convoluted CGI scenes of Winterfell, but spare a moment for our under the wire favourite series about a nefarious con man who inveigles his way into a lonely woman's life with terrifying consequences. Then watch the documentary. Seriously, scarily riveting.


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I wore cucumber clothing in Prague and would 10/10 recommend

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