It's March and we've been thinking a lot about mothers and motherhood and what it all means. We hope you've enjoyed reading our earlier mailer Q & A with Dr Chandrima Biswas and her honest answers on what it's like to be an on-call specialist and mother, as well as our vlog with super entrepreneur and mother Carrie Longton, Co-founder of Mumsnet.

Some of us are mums, all of us have mothers and this month is a great excuse to celebrate both.

One of our aims with Cucumber is to take some of the angst out of everyday living for busy women, mothers or not. We want you to be able to reach for our pieces knowing that you'll look great, keep cool, feel comfortable and are doing the best you can by the environment - bar going naked. Our next collection will feature a fabric that is even more enviromentally friendly than ever and Cucumber will be the first female-led brand to use it/

Happy Mother's Day to all!


Cucumber Clothing cooling, everyday luxury, sleepwear and leisurewear features Rachel Peru

Deciding to go grey is an emotive issue, and not one taken lightly. At 47, Rachel Peru let her locks go naturally and beautifully silvery grey. Since then, she hasn't looked back, with modelling contracts with everyone from J D Williams to Panache Swimsuits. A keen advocate of beauty at every age, Rachel started her own podcast, Out of the Bubble, which features 'amazing women over 40 who are embracing life and leaving a trail of inspiration along the way.' We're chuffed that Rachel has chosen Cucumber to be part of it, and you can hear us podcasting away here.

Cucumber Clothing features Anna and Debbie Co-founders of The Allbright Club

When we became Founder Members of the Allbright Club in early 2018, we had no idea what an important decision this would turn out to be. As if by magic, meetings which until then had been held in cafes and kitchens were moved to an oasis of calm with decaff soya lattes and green teas on tap. With a pretty little restaurant on the ground floor, bar on the top floor and meeting places between (not to mention the Powder Room in the basement for quick blow dries and manicures) it was a marriage made in heaven for Cucumber. So we are extra pleased to have been featured in their Member Spotlight this month. Thanks, The Allbright and fabulous Debbie Woskow and Anna Jones, the brains and energy behind it and two brand spanking new sister clubs opening this year, one in Mayfair and one in L.A.! We feel a research trip coming on.....

Tufnell Park News for Parents

If you are a resident of N7, N19 or NW5, you may well have heard of or be on the mailing list for Tufnell Park Parents Newsletter, full of local news, parenting and health advice as well as fantastic recommendations for everything from doulas to dog walkers. This month the focus is on sleep, so no surprises here, Cucumber Clothing features large. If you are Tufnell Parker - check it out!

Summer Love

We simply can't wait for summer, not just for the longed for blue skies and warm sun, but because our brand new collection will be making its appearance. Made with our absolutely newest and coolest technology fabric which contains volcanic ash (don't worry - feels like silky jersey!) we will have two beautiful new colours, Coral and Stone. Sneak preview photos to come soon.

Cucumber Around the World

Cucumber Clothing at the beach

We like to think that Cucumber is just about everywhere! We've had enquiries, orders and pics from every corner of the globe.

Every so often, even we at Cucumber feel the need for a sneaky weekend away. So here we are in an early spring Formentera full of fields of spring flowers and the most gloriously clear aquamarine waters. And yes, we did go for a swim!

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read this Whether or not you decide to experiment, Alice Hart-Davies new book The Tweakments Guide: Fresher Face, is a fascinating read. All about the fluid area of treatments between an old-fashioned facial and actual scalpel led surgery, Cucumber has found out there are loads of tweakments out there for every concern. We love Alice's attention to detail, sensible advice and detailed descriptions, and we might just, ahem, be booking an appointment or two.



Now that spring is here, we've been doing a nail refresh and we think you'll like our new best - a gradient manicure. Take five colour tones and paint each finger a different one. - see above from instagrammer @betina_goldstein. Think palest pink all the way through to dark rose. Cool and sophisticated all at the same time.


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