We’ve just launched an occasional series at Cucumber where we ask leading specialists, for their ‘how to’ tips in their field we are delighted to start the year with leading health and nutrition coach Karen Cummings Palmer and founder of 79 Lux for her take on self-care in lockdown. 

Tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your interest in health and nutrition?

Luxury lifestyle marketing segued to health and beauty which led me to study integrative nutrition while living and working in Los Angeles


What does beauty mean to you?

An authentic expression of our best selves


What daily habits have you adopted that you feel are the most important?

I stretch on waking – open a window or a door to breathe in air, tongue scrape to remove toxins built up overnight, drink a large glass of water and begin my morning movement which involves free weights, Pilates, yoga – I mix it up and only do it for 10/15 minutes but it is non-negotiable


What inspires you?

The extraordinary women I am lucky enough to know.  I also get a lot of inspiration from the beauty of nature around me – looking up at the sky is an underrated source of pleasure.  


What is your top health tip that everyone can do?

Moving meditation – which could be as simple as walking in nature breathing deeply and consciously without your phone for your physical and mental health.  Sleep hygiene – everything is better with deep regenerative sleep so have at least an hour between screen time and sleep time.  Avoid refined sugar.  Sorry that is three but they are essential!


What’s your favourite meal to cook?

Coconut turmeric and ginger stew with quinoa and greens – it is fast, nourishing and anti-inflammatory 


What is your top beauty and wellbeing buy?

Og Wellbeing Omega 3 with vitamin D – I take about 6 supplements a day but as inflammation is at the root of all disease and most of us are short on Vitamin D in the winter months this would be at the top of my list; and when it comes to beauty it has to be Golden Oil from my brand 79 Lux – it nourishes, regenerates and illuminates the skin from head to toe.


How do you look after yourself in lockdown?

Getting outside for a few minutes a day.  Preparing delicious nutrition. Good coffee, Matcha tea, Altreint C vitamin c shots, Lumity Life amino-acids. Dancing in my kitchen, Video calling with friends and family, a little dark chocolate a little organic red wine. 


When the world opens up again, what are you most looking forward to doing?

Flying to Los Angeles and having dinner with friends, in high heels that I hope I’ll still be able to walk in. 


For more information, visit 79 Lux or contact@karencummingspalmer

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