This month you will find Cucumber with our heads craned, looking skyward. After an excessively happy and busy Christmas we’ve taken our cue from this month’s vlogger BBC Producer Kate Szell, and have been recalibrating by exploring the vast mysteries of the sky at night. Whether in London or the Lake District, Kate shows us when, where and how to look. Not only that ( using some strategic fruit) she shows us what we should be looking for. This one is for all ages and for anyone who feels spellbound by the often ignored beauty above.  If you long for more, head to iPlayer to watch Kate’s production of the BBC’s The Sky at Night.



January saw the advent of the first of Cucumber’s secret invitation-only sales. With just a of handful of women, all keen fashionistas, we spent an afternoon full of tea, cake, bubbly and lots of trying on and styling. Brilliant fun for us all. This was London-based, but we have so many wonderful members of our Cucumber Community dotted around the world. If any of you would be interested in hosting an invitation-only Cucumber at home event, please get in touch. A free outfit and wonderfully large discounts for the host are on offer!

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