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Feeling just a teeny bit nervy, Cucumber prised open this month's issue of Woman and Home to see the results of our sweltering sequin and mohair July shoot in Fitzroy Square. And here, folks, is the result! Not a bead of sweat in sight and only two entire cans of hairspray to achieve this look! Thanks Woman and Home for a fantastically fun day!

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It's our first podcast!

In another first for Cucumber, last month we wrapped our first ever podcast with the fab US-based tsunami, otherwise known as Amanda Thebe (see our social inspiration of the month below) of fitnchips It felt surprisingly relaxed chatting away about life, Cucumber and everything. The podcast is due out this week, so keep checking here for a chance to listen to us chat away. Le us know what you think!

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Get the Gloss

have given Cucumber the thumbs up this month in their article on sleep. Anna Hunter has taken a look at the best products on the market for a good night's sleep, and Cucumber is chuffed to find we made the cut! Read it here!

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The brand new MySysters app was launched in October by Cindy and Cheryl. Cindy came up with the idea for a perimenopause app after seeing the period trackers popular among women in their teens and twenties and wondering, “Where’s mine?”' Our take on it - why did no one think of this before?!? You can read what they think of Cucumber (and it's pretty darn nice) here.

Changing the narrative surrounding masculinity & enabling open conversation surrounding men's mental health.


Cucumber has been introduced to this campaign by marketing and branding star and all around excellent egg, Araminta Sheridan. It all started off when Araminta realised that ‘the (necessarily) aggressive demand for change (against negative mindsets/old fashioned ideas of what it means to be a man) has left some men feeling unable to approach the subject a lot of the time. These guys want to understand & reset how they think, not just to enable a more inclusive society but because this British ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude engrained within them is toxic. It is a huge part of the steep increase in depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicide amongst men. Largely because it’s not ‘manly’ to open up.The male role is being unravelled and this kind of leaves a lot of men unsure of their place in society. It’s a turbulent time.’

Araminta has invited us all to make change via @letsgetmental and read on to hear my personal take on the men in my life and why I truly believe (in Minty’s words) ‘We need to be working with men, not against them to help them help us. ‘

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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You may remember her from one of our very first blogs, the wonderful Jacynth Bassett (above, second from right) founder of the ageless style website, the-Bias-Cut.com Jacynth, 26, is a Cambridge Law graduate, a journalist, speaker, business mentor and one of the UK's 'leading pioneers of style at any age'. She founded the-Bias-Cut.com, the the first pro-age premium fashion online boutique which highlight her mantra of 'Ageism is Never in Style'. She believes in style at every age with designs by independent labels, selecting each piece for its individuality, contemporary style, flattering cut and beautiful quality.

We are delighted to be able to offer a fantastic 15% off with code CUCUMBER15 - perfect if you are getting ready to rev up your wardrobe for the Christmas season. Just pop in the discount as you are checking out on the site. Enjoy!

(the small print - discount code icannot be used on reduced pieces, or in conjunction with other offers. Discount valid until 31/12/18)

Our November Social Star

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Every month we highlight a new social media inspiration.

Our November pin-up inspiration is Amanda Thebe creator of fitnchips, a force of nature and unstoppable inspiration for women who are experiencing menopause hell and want to start feeling healthy + fit in their 40s and beyond. Tune into her frankly hilarious and fearless take on life by listening into her podcasts and reading her articles.


Real Women Shoot

A giant thanks to everyone who entered our 'real women shoot'

We were thrilled to have such lovely and inspiring entries - thank you so much to everyone who entered - we loved you all.

It was incredibly difficult to choose a shortlist and if we were able, we really would have had everyone. We did have to narrow it down to just four women, and you will be able to see the results at the end of this month once we start releasing photos from the shoot. We hope you love the results!

Cucumber Around the World

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We like to think that Cucumber is just about everywhere! We've had enquiries, orders and pics from every corner of the globe.

Check out this glorious Cucumber photo at the Santa Rita Winery, Chile. Wish we were there!

If you'd like to be included in our monthly newsletter roundup, drop us a line with your photo and details and you could be in our next newsletter.

read this It's our 2018 massive book crush of the year. Posy Simmonds (Gemma Bovary, Tamara Drewe both made into films) our favourite graphic novelist OF ALL TIME has come up trumps again with Cassandra Darke. Think 'A Christmas Carol' for 2018 - it's going to be in everyone's stocking this year.

do this Our newest guilty weekend secret for any of you Londoners, or anyone visiting for the weekend is the Gospel Brunch at the 'Harlem meets' Shoreditch' Red Rooster , at The Curtain, in Shoreditch. Saturday, soul food and a gospel choir - that's what we call the weekend!

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